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The Association

(According to the French law of 1901)

 Founded in 2018

Born from the meeting of three students of AgroParisTech, the Paris Intitute of technology for life, food and environmental sciences, in May 2018, Clim 'Adapt wants to promote, identify and disseminate climate change adaptation projects thanks to an accessible OpenData to all.

The three founders, Gauthier, Mathieu and Arthur have different skills, and especially the same desire to contribute to the current global fight by providing a necessary platform, a fresh look, and visibility to adaptation projects still too marginalized.

Each year a new team will go in a new part of the world to analyze and discover innovative and diversified adaptation projects. The census platform will grow in this way from year to year until it is complete. 

Association Clim' Adapt

Our will

By our action, we want to raise awareness and alarm the world on the need to adapt to climate change. We wish to demonstrate, through an exhaustive inventory of the projects encountered, that the human race can and must adapt to the changing climate.


Indeed the reduction of greenhouse gases is not the only answer possible. In general, the mitigation of the effects caused by man is complementary to the adaptation to the problems created.


An exhaustive census on the internet

All innovations and actions will be analyzed socio-economically in addition to the environmental aspect using a grid of criteria. The results of these analyzes will be posted on this website.

This census platform for climate change adaptation projects will be completed each year to make it as comprehensive as possible, with each new team discovering new projects on another surface of the globe.



The 2021 team is composed of Léa Ovet and Alexia Hariri. 
They will travel around the Mediterranean basin from March to July.


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