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Tropical Leaves

The teamS

2019 - 2020 - 2021

The 2021 Team

Ambre Litzler

Student at AgroParisTech, specialising in Ecology and Sustainable agriculture

Léa is a student at the AgroParisTech agricultural engineering school, where she specialised in environmental management and engineering.
She grew up in the Burgundian countryside in an agricultural environment and has always been close to nature. For the past 4 years, Léa has been involved in the fight against climate change in her daily life. She is involved in associations, notably in Dijon where she was part of Action Contre la Faim or AgroParisTech where she was in charge of the zero waste unit of Ingénieur Sans Frontière. 
She is also a slow-travel enthusiast, which is why she discovered sailing during a training course in Croatia and is part of the crew of Tour des 2 Amériques, a scientific and educational association that will circumnavigate the American continent for 5 years and which she will join for 5 months. 
She cannot remain inactive in the face of climate change and being at the head of Clim'Adapt for the 2021 expedition is an opportunity to unite several passions by getting involved in a struggle where the work to be done promises to be pharaonic.

ambre vélo_edited.jpg

E-Mail :

Tél : 07 81 21 39 68

The 2021 Team

Alexia Hariri


5th year medical student in Dijon

Student in 5th year of medicine school, Alexia decided to devote her gap year to the study of climate change, its causes, its consequences and the different ways to act.

Her interest in the climate cause stems from a simple observation studied throughout her university years:

the environment, in its broadest sense, is the primary determinant of health before the health care system.

Indeed, climate change has direct and indirect effects on people's health

(increase in communicable diseases, impact on food security, water supply ...).


CLIM'ADAPT is an opportunity for Alexia to invest in the service of the environment.

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Tél :

The 2020 Team


Aurélie Guibert

Student at Dauphine, specialising in Economy of the development

The 2019 Team

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Gauthier Urano

Student at AgroParisTech specializing in ecological engineering, environmental strategy

In my school, AgroParisTech, I decided to involve in the school life organizing the reception of the new class, and to represent students on the board of directors. These two missions enabled me to know how to manage a project, to carry it out to the end and to know how to listen, rebound and discuss with interlocutors; two skills that will be useful to me to carry out the first session of the association Clim 'Adapt in spring 2019.


Sensitized at a young age to environmental issues, I have at heart to participate in the dissemination and census of climate change adaptation projects, a method that is, in my opinion, marginalized in the popular consciousness. That's why I decided to create in 2018 with Mathieu Lallement and Arthur Lefébure this association.

E-Mail :,  Tél : +337.

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